Whether you want to achieve high technical performance or increased process efficiency, everything is within reach when laminating textiles with SikaMelt® reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive technologies

High Performance and Process Efficiency

如果ka is serving the lamination market for over 20 years.

如果kaMelt® adhesives designed for sports, outdoor and contract wear textile lamination and bonding. Water or fire resistance, breathability and wearability can all be achieved in the laminated or bonded textile. Proven adhesive solutions providing you with high productivity.

2 women discussing technical textile on a roll
of experience in the textile lamination market
with SikaMelt® adhesive solutions

如果kaMelt® hot melt Adhesives for a wide Range of Applications

Man climbing up a mounted in a laminted red jacket

Whatever the textile lamination application, Sika has solutions for multi-layer waterproof and breathable performance textile lamination

High final strength
Fast curing for high production efficiency
Perfect soft touch
Human ecology approval

Independent of the textile lamination application, Sika offers solutions for for contract and work wear textile lamination

Highly durable and functional
Flame retardant properties
Broad adhesion spectrum
Human ecology approvals

A sitting fireman wearing technical textile bonded with SikaMelt
Woman looking at bra made of adhesive bonded textile

No matter what textile lamination application, Sika has solutions for specialities such as sports footwear, lingerie and hook and loop lamination

Excellent soft touch performance
Adhesion for natural fibres and synthetics
Human ecology approvals