At Sika, we provide a comprehensive range of pressure sensitive adhesive solutions for manufacturing tapes with high performance, whether in terms of high strength, flame retardancy, heat resistance or low service temperatures.

Adhesive Solutions for High-Performance Tapes

Sika is an experienced development partner of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives for high-performance tapes. When it comes to special adhesive tapes, such as heat-resistant tapes for construction or industry, Sika offers the right coating solution for every application with its hot melt adhesives. Whether the requirement is for high cohesion, good adhesion, high peel strength combined with flame retardancy, or heat resistance, Sika is the right partner for you with its solvent-free hot melts.

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At Sika, we help you make the best product you possibly can – from concept through production.

Roll of self-adhesive tape
Sika serving the adhesive tape market for more than 20 years
Achieve your performance goals with Sika’s hot melt solutions

Benefits Offered to your High-Performance Tapes Production

Our adhesive systems are designed to enhance your tapes performance and at the same time improve your production efficiency. The following benefits can be realized with Sika solutions:

COST SAVINGS – The application weight (g/m²) is optimized, which means that the adhesive solutions can be used in a cost-efficient way

HIGH STRENGTH – SikaMelt® adhesive solutions provides excellent adhesion for long-lasting tapes

性能优良,我们有胶技术ies that enable you to achieve excellent tapes performance and functionality

INCREASED OUTPUT – Our adhesive solutions allow for a more versatile and faster production including adaptable process times for shorter cycle times

SikaMelt® Hot Melt Adhesives for High-Performance Tape Applications

At Sika, we serve the tape market with our SikaMelt® pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives, ensuring high performance and functionality with high adhesion and cohesion strength, withstanding demanding environments such as elevated temperatures.

Key product benefits:

  • High heat resistance
  • High mechanical and ageing performance
  • Improved SAFT value
  • Functionalized formulations e.g., flame retardant

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